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Name: Tom
Age: 21
Zodiac/Birth sign: Cap
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Brown
Likes: Writing, Playing Bass, Acting, Video Games, Reading, Movies, 80's Pop Music, Friends, Being Sarcastic
Dislikes: Homophobia, Pink Shirters, Pirates of the Caribeanian, Johnny Depp, Tim Burton, People Who Didn't Get Silent Hill
Strong points: Strong Willed, Resourceful, Loyal, Blunt, Reliable
Weak points: I talk too much for my own good
Hobbies/Special talents: Playing my bass, Writing, Acting, Singing
Hopes/Dreams/Goals: I want to be either a writer or the owner of my own CD store
Describe yourself in five words: Blunt, Sarcastic, Determined, Driven, Outspoken
Do you want to be stamped as a Guy/Girl/Doesn't matter: It doesn't matter



Color: Black
Smell: Cinnomin or Vanilla
Food: Taco's
Place: Toronto
Book: Choke
Movie Genre: Horror or Indie
Music Genre: Black Metal/Musicals/Video Game Soundtracks



Optimist or pessimist?: Optimist
Impulse or thinking things through?: A mix of both. You can't rely on just one
Leader or follower?: I will be a leader if one is needed. If not, I'll sit back, but if I disagree with what the leader has to say, I'll get to talking about about it!
Friends or family?: Friends, my family is rather....well...it's a long story.
Self-preservation or the preservation of others?: Both
Slow and steady or quick and complete?: Slow and steady. You've just gotta take your time



If you could become any character from the series for one day, who would it be? Why?: I think it would have to be Delia. She's just SO freakin' amazing and sexy and just everything about her screams amazing.
Which character do you feel you can relate to the most? Why?: I find that I relate to Dwight the best. Just because he's just your everyday guy like me. We don't try to do anything special. We both know that we're not some hulking wonder like Marv. Also, we're both a sucker for a pretty face.
Favorite Sin City character? Why?: Miho. She's just so full of energy and mystique. She hold Old Town together, and is willing to die because in all truth, she is loyal to only Old Town no matter who is in charge.
Least Favorite Sin City character? Why?: Nancy. While she is strong in the books(more strong that Jessica Alba played her, but let's face it, Jessica Alba isn't really an actress) she's just so young and blind to everything happening around her. I can only hope that she will get strong in the whole "Nancy Revenge" thing Frank is planning.


Would you...

Kill a man?: In self defense, yes.
Steal from someone?: Not normally, unless I found their wallet, and I'd just take like ten bucks.
Jump in front of a bus to save a little kid?: Yes.
Climb into a tree to rescue a kitty?: If I could get to the cat without breaking my neck



Who played Nancy in the Movie?: Sadly, Jessica Alba
Who is set up to play Wallace in Sin City 2?: You see, Wallace isn't going to be in the second movie. He's going to be in the third. So, really this question is a trick. But, I've heard rumors ranging from Johnny Depp to Eric Bana.
Which Sequence of the film did Tarantino direct?: The buddy movie scene with Jackie Boy and Dwight on the way to the pits



If you were on a Desert Island what five items would you bring and who would you take along?: My disc man, a H.I.M. CD, my bass, food, a book and for a person, I'd take my old roommate Cosh. He can entertain me. He re-inacted The Big Fat Kill with no words for my birthday.


Post at least two clear pictures of yourself.

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