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Walk down a Back Alley


Name: Jessica
Age: Twenty
Zodiac/Birth sign: Pisces
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Dark brown
Likes: Music, Art, Dancing, Sleeping, Eating, Blood, Graphics, Vampires, Lip gloss, Iced Tea
Dislikes: Onions, Hypocrisy, Liars, Backstabbers
Strong points: Good friend, Honesty, Trusting, Loyal, Down to Earth
Weak points: Procrastinator, Lazy, Bad Temper, Foul Mouth
Hobbies/Special talents: Dancing, Playing with Photoshop, Roleplay, DJing
Hopes/Dreams/Goals: Don't really have one..
Describe yourself in five words: Dork, Friend, Nerd, Lover, Bubbly
Do you want to be stamped as a Guy/Girl/Doesn't matter: Doesn't matter



Color: Pink
Smell: o_O Err.. Ralph by Ralph Lauren for girls, Acqua Di Gio for men?
Food: Sushi
Place: Japan
Book: Blood and Gold
Movie Genre: Horro
Music Genre: Drum and Bass



Optimist or pessimist?: optimist
Impulse or thinking things through?: impulse
Leader or follower?: leader
Friends or family?: friends
Self-preservation or the preservation of others?: self-preservation
Slow and steady or quick and complete?: slow and steady



If you could become any character from the series for one day, who would it be? Why?: Not sure..
Which character do you feel you can relate to the most? Why?: *shrug*
Favorite Sin City character? Why?: Nancy.. cuz she's hot like fire?
Least Favorite Sin City character? Why?: *shrug*


Would you...

Kill a man?: Depends on the situation
Steal from someone?: Depends on the person
Jump in front of a bus to save a little kid?: Possibly
Climb into a tree to rescue a kitty?: Maybe



Who played Nancy in the Movie?: Jessica Alba
Who is set up to play Wallace in Sin City 2?: o_O
Which Sequence of the film did Tarantino direct?: O_o



If you were on a Desert Island what five items would you bring and who would you take along?: Items: never ending supply of Lip gloss, never ending supply of toilet paper, a solar powered mp3 player, a solar powered computer, and a knife. Person I would like to bring: Probably my friend Bianca.


Post at least two clear pictures of yourself.

- please ignore the dirty mirror. X__X
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