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Walk Down the Back Alley (or something like that)


Name: Holly
Age: 17
Zodiac/Birth sign: Taurus
Hair color: Dark brown with caramel blonde highlights
Eye color: Dark brown
Likes: See my profile. DDDD: Seriously. I'll highlight it. Arts, animals, guys, books, suspense, honesty, loyalty, sincerity, compassion, manners, water, pink, colors, Spanish, French, government, dolphins, glitter, shiny things, movies, video games, and so forth. Too tired to think.
Dislikes: Rudeness. Lies.
Strong points: Understanding. Loyal. Honest. Compasstionate.
Weak points: Too trusting. Pushover. Insecure. Shy.
Hobbies/Special talents: Drawing, painting, reading, writing, graphics, web sites, layouts.
Hopes/Dreams/Goals: Graduate from high school, go to college, major in graphic designing, get married, and have children.
Describe yourself in five words: Spiritual. Loyal. Honest. Understanding. Sincere.
Do you want to be stamped as a Guy/Girl/Doesn't matter: Doesn't matter.



Color: Pink
Smell: Lavender
Food: Lasagna
Place: Church
Book: Memoirs of a Geisha
Movie Genre: Thriller
Music Genre: Most



Optimist or pessimist?: Optimist
Impulse or thinking things through?: Both
Leader or follower?: Depends on if you're looking through this at a religious stand point, or not.
Friends or family?: Both.
Self-preservation or the preservation of others?: Preservation.... ? What's that?
Slow and steady or quick and complete?: Eh...? This is a bit over my head.



If you could become any character from the series for one day, who would it be? Why?: I don't even remember their names. I remember how she looks, kinda. She was really pretty. That's why.
Which character do you feel you can relate to the most? Why?:
Favorite Sin City character? Why?: Can't really say.
Least Favorite Sin City character? Why?: Same as above.


Would you...

Kill a man?: No.
Steal from someone?: No.
Jump in front of a bus to save a little kid?: Yes.
Climb into a tree to rescue a kitty?: Yes.



Who played Nancy in the Movie?: No idea.
Who is set up to play Wallace in Sin City 2?: No idea.
Which Sequence of the film did Tarantino direct?: No idea.



If you were on a Desert Island what five items would you bring and who would you take along?: I'd go get Evan and take him, and paper and pencil. Uhm. He could decide the other... three items.


Post at least two clear pictures of yourself.

My natural hair:

While my hair was straight:

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